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In Action

SMARTSafe™ In Action

Quick Benefits

  • Robust tamper evident material
  • Security sealed to protect valuables
  • Two sizes available


  • How do I use the SMARTSafe™ Property Bag?

    When removing patient property prior to examination or treatment select the appropriate size of SMARTSafe™ Property Bag. The large bag can be used for heavy or bulky items such as coats, shoes or bag. The small bag should be used for smaller items such as jewellery, keys or medication.

    Fill in the patients details and what property and or medication you are placing in the bag.

    Once you have placed items in the bag, peel off the silver tamper evident seal strip and press it down against the back of the bag. The contents are now securely sealed. Tear off the wristband, place around the patients wrist and stick.

    Peel off one of the removable barcodes from the bag and attach to your patient notes.

  • Why do I need SMARTSafe™?

    SMARTSafe™ secures jewellery, clothing and shoes removed during examination and treatment and ensures that precious and important items are returned to the owners after the incident.

    It protects staff from suspicion and ensures that the missing Timex watch does not become the missing Rolex.

  • How do I hand over at the Hospital?

    Before handing over the patient and their property to the hospital, peel off one of the barcode stickers from the bag and attach to your patient notes. On arrival at the hospital the receiving staff member may be required to sign the bag to acknowledge it's receipt. They should then use one of the barcodes to attach to their patient report form. There are five peel off barcodes on the bag so one can be used on each report should the patient be transferred. If you wish to keep a record of the contents of the bag the front panel can be photocopied and attached to the patient report form.

  • Can I open the bag once its been sealed?

    These durable property bags have a security seal and are made from tamper evident material to ensure that patient belongings are protected and remain together. However, once the belongings have been claimed, the owner should have no trouble retrieving their possessions.

  • Can I use more than one bag per person?

    As the unique barcode on the detachable wristband matches each bag individually, any number of bags can be used at your discretion, the patient will have one wristband for each bag.

  • Why is this bag better than other bags?

    SMARTSafe™ is a simple and effective way to keep track of patient belongings.

    - Barcoded system provides effective tracking of belongings.
    - Controls hazards preventing cross contamination.
    - Clear bag enables identification of belongings.
    - Tamper evident material ensures patient belongings are protected and remain together.
    - Bag is easy to write on, effectively recording information.
    - The detachable wristband stays on the patient throughout treatment enabling patient and belongings to be easily reunited.

  • How do I reunite patient and belongings?

    The unique number-barcode on the patient wristband matches with the barcode on their SMARTSafe™ Property Bag therefore patient and possessions can be easily reunited.

Product Detail

The SMARTSafe™ is a quick and easy way to keep track of your patients belongings.

From ambulance to hospital, ward to ward, patients are constantly on the move - as are their possessions.

To help safe-guard their belongings and offer all round peace of mind, we at TSG Associates have developed a simple, cost effective solution.

Introducing the new SMARTSafe™ Property Bags, specially designed for the medical profession. They're clear, secure, durable and easy to use. They also come in two different sizes and will hold the patients valuables such as wallets, watches, jewellery, glasses, teeth as well as clothes and shoes.

What's more, each SMARTSafe™ Property Bag comes with a unique bar code tracking system, ensuring your patients belongings are returned to them safely after treatment. It's not much but we believe it makes the healing process less painful.

"There are times we need to secure a patients personal belongings... When you reach for a SMARTSafe™ Property Bag your solution is in hand."

Mike Smith EMS Magazine

Why SMARTSafe™?

  • Secured Possessions - A robust tamper evident material and security seal means patients possessions remain safely together.
  • Simple Tracking - Unique barcoded wristband ensures patient and belongings are easily reunited.
  • Multiple Management - Multiple belongings can easily be managed in one package.
  • Improved Handover - The handover of belongings from ambulance to hospital staff is simple without fuss.
  • Reducing Anxiety - Patients are anxious enough, knowing their possessions are safe and secure takes this worry away.
  • Time Saving - Looking for patients possessions is dramatically reduced.
  • Easy Recording - Each SMARTSafe™ Bag comes with five peel off barcoded labels, to record it on all patients documents.
  • Money Saving - Claims for compensation on missing possessions will be minimised.

"There are times we need to secure a patients personal belongings... When you reach for a SMARTSafe™ Property Bag your solution is in hand."

Mike Smith EMS Magazine